Born in Taiwan, Chen-Wei immigrated to Montreal at a young age before moving to his home of 20 years in Vancouver. He has always loved eating, trying new things, and hunting down the best culinary offerings. While his love of Chinese food will never die, he’s made it his personal mission to expand his palate by discovering cuisines from other regions. His insatiable curiosity and love of discovering food by way of culture has driven him to travel extensively to experience first hand the various styles, techniques and knowledge informing the preparation of dishes from around the world.

A true people person with 10 years experience under his belt including Vancouver’s Chambar, Wildebeest and Bao Bei, Chen-Wei has had the good fortune to meet a number of dedicated and impassioned diners who have followed him from one establishment to the next. His single-minded love of food has been the driving force behind his inexhaustible desire to provide the best experience and go the extra mile for his guests.

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