Our Team

Kaitlyn Stewart

Bar Manager

Kaitlyn Stewart began bartending 12 years ago when she found her passion for making great experi-ences and excellent drinks for her customers. Born in Toronto, she got in to bartending as a means to help pay for University but fell in love with the craft and is now based in the Royal Dinette, in Vancouver.

A fan of shaking up a wide selection of innovative yet approachable drinks, Kaitlyn loves to incorporate local spirits and seasonal ingredients, creating delicious cocktails along the way.

In 2017 Kaitlyn entered World Class, competing and winning the Canadian round of the competition and then joining 56 bartenders for the global finals in Mexico City for the 9th instalment of the world’s big-gest bartending competition. Kaitlyn progressed to the top 10, battling it out in the locally inspired ‘Lu-cha Libre’ challenge before making it to the final four, where she was then crowned the World Class Bar-tender of the Year in a glittering final awards ceremony.

Since her win in Mexico City, Kaitlyn has travelled to Europe, Asia and across North America as part of the World Class programme, in a mission to inspire and engage with other bartenders around the world and share the message of better drinking.

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